WINNER TO MADRID! | Curry Reacts to DRX vs GENG (Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Kickoff)

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I'm curry, an ex professional valorant player who has previously played for teams such as C9 Valorant and T1 Valorant. I have also peaked rank one radiant in the Valorant ranked leaderboards many times. I'm challenging myself by taking an unranked account to radiant in the shortest time possible on every single role. I already finished Initiator to Radiant, Controller to Radiant, Sentinel to Radiant and the Duelist to Radiant challenges. Now it's time for me to travel to Europe and try to get Radiant as fast as I possibly can. Watch me as I give educational tricks and tips on how to play Valorant at the highest level and dominating the ranked queues with funny and raging moments I have on stream.

#valorant #curry
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